Saturday, July 26, 2008

Books from this week

Title: Conception
Author: Kalisha Buckhanon
Rating: 2/5 or C-
Thoughts: This book was not what I expected. A young Africian American gets pregnant and I thought the book was going to be about the pregnancy and baby. ended before she was 4 months pregnant. I also didn't like the way the unborn child had some chapters written..very strange. But I did finish it!

Title: The Baby Trail
Author: Sinead Moriarty
Rating: B
Thoughts: good book about infertility that made me laugh. However I did not care much for the ending

Title: The Beach House
Author: Sally John
Rating: 5/5 A+
Thoughts: loved loved this book about 4 friends who reconnected at a beach house to celebrate their 40th year birthday. Will definitely read more of this author.

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Jen said...

Hey Kim it's great to see reviews from you again! How are you & your family??