Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Catch up post

I have been reading..shocking isn't it and I have three books to talk about. Books 4 -6 for the year.

6. Title: Cherry Ames, Senior Nurse
Author: Helen Wells
Rating: 8/10
Thoughts: Easy reread from a favorite childhood book. The way things have
changed in nursing is amazing.

5. Title: At Home in Mitford
Author: Jan Karon
Rating: 9/10
Pages: 542
Thoughts: Great book. I don't know why it has taking me so long to read it.
Cozy, easy read and I will continue with the series.

4. Title: Cherry Ames, Student Nurse
Author: Helen Wells
Rating: 8/10
Pages: 211
Thoughts: another easy reread from childhood.

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